The PhD by Design symposia invite PhD candidates at various stages of their course of studies or research to come together to share their work, and explore and discuss the many aspects of what it means to do a practice-based PhD in design and related fields in the creative arts and sciences.

This week long event aims to give PhD candidates working through creative practice in art and design, a platform to share their research and ideas, explore issues of common concern, and discuss how their work is helping shape the present and future discourses of creative practice, scholarship, and pedagogy. This time, we have two sets of events unfolding at different time slots during the week:

PhD-Led Events

We invite PhD students to present their work, run workshops, or host discussion sessions on topics of interest. Candidates can propose workshop or discussion session topics in groups of up to three facilitators.

Public Sessions

There will also be a series of panels through the week on topics and themes related to doctorates and doctoral work in design and the creative arts, curated by faculty from our participating host institutions.