When and where is the symposium being held?

The symposium is being held online from Monday, April 5th to Saturday, April 10th. We're holding events at three different points during the day at Eastern Standard Time to be able to accommodate attendees and participants from as many time zones as we can. All symposium events will be held on Zoom, unless otherwise stated, and links to the events will be sent well ahead of time to participants and attendees as part of a full itinerary.

Who can register to participate in the various sessions and who can attend the symposium? what are the deadlines to register?

If you're doing a PhD in design or any related field across the creative arts and technologies, you're welcome to apply to present your research or conduct a workshop or discussion - it doesn't matter whether you're just starting out in your first year of a PhD program, or finishing up in your final semester! The deadline for PhD candidates to register for a session for the symposium is 11:59pm on March 1st. Candidates will be informed of their assigned time slot to present or run a session by March 8th.

Anyone can attend the symposium. Some of the sessions have been specifically tailored towards people who might be interested in pursuing doctoral work in design, as well as towards faculty and administrators interested in hearing diverse opinions about post-graduate education in the creative arts and sciences. The deadline for general registrations is 11:59pm on Friday, March 27th.

Is this symposium free?

Yes - it's totally free to both participate and attend!

I'm not a Phd student, can i attend this?

Of course - we welcome you to attend if you're interested in the content, and some of the sessions are specifically geared towards prospective students. If you're interested in doing or hearing about PhDs in the creative arts and sciences, you are welcome to register and attend!

What are the phd-led events like?

The event aims to give PhD candidates working through creative practice in art and design, a platform to share their research and ideas, explore issues of common concern, and discuss how their work is helping shape the present and future discourses of creative practice, scholarship, and pedagogy.

Candidates will engage with each other, and with attending faculty and attendees interested in pursuing design PhDs through:
1) Presentation sessions where PhD candidates can present their work for feedback from the audience and moderator. Each candidate will have ~25 minutes to present and discuss their work;
2) Discussion panels where a group of PhD students can can bring a topic or question to the table for discussion, debate and reflection between themselves and\or the audience. Each group will have 90 minutes to facilitate their round-table discussion and may circulate materials beforehand to registered participants;

3) Workshops to pilot or conduct practice-based research with a community of people with adjacent practices. Each group will have 90 minutes to facilitate their round-table discussion and may use platforms other than Zoom (i.e. Miro, LucidChart etc.) to run their session.

It is highly recommended for PhD students interested in running a discussion or workshop session to factor for a decent number of attendees.

what are the general sessions like?

The evening sessions are all public events where we plan to invite curated panels of speakers from both the academy and industry to address different themes and topics of relevance to creative doctorates. These panels expect to be run in a variety of formats, but all will run for no more than 90 minutes.

Who do i contact if I have any questions?

Please contact Ahmed Ansari at aa7703@nyu.edu if you have any questions about the symposium.